Our online passport and visa photo solutions

Simplify the creation of your passport and identity photos with Facebooth.ch – the modern alternative to traditional photo booths. Save time and money by easily and quickly creating your passport and visa photos online.

With our innovative tool, there’s no need for you to travel anymore. Imagine you have to renew the passports of your family, which consists of three people. This would require a certain amount of organization: finding a suitable time for all three family members, locating a photo booth, and most importantly, paying a lot for mediocre quality photos. But don’t worry! Facebooth.ch is here to help you easily and affordably create your passport photos online.

With our solution, you can take your own photos with your smartphone or digital camera, and upload them to our website. Our system will allow you to resize your images so that your photos meet the requirements of the authorities.
And the best part? You can create a mixed sheet of 6 photos, composed of 3 different images, for only CHF 8.90. Yes, you read that right!

This means you can save up to 75% compared to traditional photo booths, where the cost for 3 people would be CHF 36.- (3 sheets of 6 identical photos, whereas the authorities generally require only 2).

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Here is a concrete example of a mixed sheet created with Facebooth.ch

A mixed sheet composed of 3 different photos. Imagine the savings for a family?


We understand that life is already stressful enough without having to worry about passport photos. That’s why we’ve made the process as simple and enjoyable as possible.

Our application was developed to offer you an easy, convenient, and affordable solution to create your passport photos online. So, let us help you save money and time while obtaining good quality photos for your official documents and memories. Join the many satisfied families and choose Facebooth.ch to create your passport photos online today.

Your passport and ID photos online
The passport and ID photos according to Facebooth.ch

Are you looking for a fast and convenient solution for your ID photos?
We are here to help!

Several options are available to you:
– 1 sheet of 6 photos with a single image: CHF 4.90
– 1 sheet of 6 photos, but with 2 different images: CHF 6.90
– 1 sheet of 6 photos, but with 3 different images: CHF 8.90

Visa photos according to Facebooth.ch

For visas, consular authorities often require specific photos in terms of size, background, and positioning of the face.

With our online solution for visa photos, you can easily meet these criteria without having to go to a traditional photo booth. Once again, you are free to take the photo yourself with your camera or smartphone, or to use a photographer’s photo. By uploading it to our website, you can work on it to meet the requirements of the consular authorities. This saves you time and money compared to traditional photo booths and makes it easy to apply for your visa online.
Our price for this solution is CHF 4.90 for 2 photos in the 5cm x 5cm format (requirements: USA, India, Israel, …). You will also receive a photo with dimensions of 700px by 700px (which can be used for eVisas, for example).