Here are some answers to frequently asked questions.

How to make passport photos with Facebooth.ch?

Do you send the passport photos generated with Facebooth.ch by post?

The basic answer is NO. However, we have a solution for those who prefer to receive their passport photos by postal mail. Thanks to the mailprint.ch application, you now have the option to have your photos delivered directly to your home in just 5 days. You can find all the information about this service on the page Get your Facebooth.ch generated ID photos delivered to your doorstep. If you are in a hurry and prefer a faster option, you can always choose to print them at home or at a photo printing kiosk (for example, immediate photo prints at cewe.ch) or use an online printing service (ifolor, smartphoto, myposter, …)

What is the price of the passport photos with your system?

The price for 6 passport photos is CHF 4.90 and we offer you a portrait photo. If you follow us on Facebook, we offer a discount of CHF 1.-

What will my passport photo look like?

By ordering on Facebooth.ch, you will receive 6 passport photos. For any order, we also offer you a portrait photo (usable on social networks, various profiles, CV and for certain administrative procedures). Below you will find an example of what you will receive by email. 6 photos passeport générées avec notre système

An image containing 6 passport photos. This is ready to be printed in 10cm x 15cm format.

photo portrait offerte

A free portrait photo.

What is the format of a Swiss passport photo?

The format of a passport photo in Switzerland is 3.5cm (width) x 4.5cm (length). This size is also the same for many other European countries (France, Italy, Germany, etc.). You can find out more by following this link : Taille et Format | Photo d’identité et Passeport | Normes et exigences

Where can I print passport photos if I do not have a printer at home?

There are a lot of solutions online to print your photo. If you live in Switzerland, we recommend that you use the Migros service for this (Migros Photo Service). All you need to do is register on their site, send them your photo online and then go and collect it on site. Your printed photo will cost you 40 cents. Another solution is to print them in a photographic kiosk, you can find them in all shopping centers and the cost is around CHF 1.- Photos must be printed in the format 10cm x 15cm.
Another option would be to use the services of the mailprint.ch website. Your photos will be delivered directly to your home at an unbeatable price. For more information, visit the page Get your Facebooth.ch generated ID photos delivered to your doorstep.

Will I really save money by using your online photo booth?

The answer is YES. Making your passport photos in a traditional photo booth costs CHF 10.- With our solution, you pay a maximum of CHF 4.90. As already said, by following us on Facebook, you get a reduction of CHF 1.- on the 6 passport photos. As for the price of the printing, it is variable, but in the context of this example we will say that this cost is between 40 cents and CHF 1.- per impression. So, by using Facebooth.ch, your savings compared to a traditional photo booth is about 50% and can go up to 57%. Best of all, with Facebooth, you can start over as many times as you want and only pay when you’re happy with the result.

How to Take a Baby Passport Photo at Home

This question comes up often, which is why we have created a dedicated page (in French, translation will come) : la création de photos passeport pour bébé

What about my data?

We do not keep any data about you on our servers. Your email address is only used to send you passport photos, it is not stored in our database. The information you enter when finalizing the purchase is transmitted securely and processed by the Stripe.com company (online payment solution) to pay for your passport photos. The photos that you upload and generate on our site are deleted daily from our servers. No history is kept and we have no way of recovering what has been deleted.

How to make your own passport photos

This question comes up often, which is why we have created a dedicated page (in French, translation will come) comment vous prendre en photo et répondre ainsi aux attentes des autorités.

Create Passport Photos Online