Easy Tips for Taking Your Baby’s Passport Photo at Home

Do you already have the perfect photo?

The photo where the baby looks straight at the camera with a neutral expression, the one where no shadows are visible in the photo (proper lighting), and where the background of the image is a solid and light color (but not completely white)?

If you answered yes to all four (baby looks at the camera, neutral expression, no shadows, and neutral background), then you are ready to take your passport photo with our solution.

Create your baby’s passport photo now without delay

If you answered negatively to any of these conditions, don’t panic. We will explain how to overcome this little problem and allow you to create simple, fast, and cost-effective passport photos for your baby.

Some tips for taking passport photos for your baby

As parents, we’ve all had to take passport photos for our babies. Obviously, using a traditional photo booth with a newborn or young child is inconceivable and, above all, a waste of money.

Some professional photographers offer this service, creating passport photos for babies, and their work is obviously of high quality. However, the price of this service can be a barrier for some.
Thus, faced with this problem ourselves, we have come up with a solution to help you. Our online photo booth is simple, fast, and cost-effective.

Before you can use it, you will need to take the photo of your baby yourself. You will have to step into the shoes of a professional photographer, but the difference is that your baby knows you (and vice versa), and you will be in a familiar environment for them.

You will have to try several times to get THE shot, but you will succeed.

Here are some tips for taking your baby’s passport photo yourself

With a newborn

With a newborn, the best solution is to lay them on their back on a solid and light-colored towel (but not white). Then, your imagination has to do the rest to grab your baby’s attention. The goal is for them to look straight at the camera. Try to avoid making them smile too much or cry. Ideally, you want them to have a neutral expression.

With a young child

With a young child (who is able to sit upright), you can place them on their high chair or a stool (if they are taller) in front of a solid-colored background. The back of a door can be a good option (remember, no white background). Again, the child should look straight at the camera and have a neutral expression.

A concrete example is worth a thousand words, so here is one just for you

(Source : www.schweizerpass.admin.ch)

In general, you need to ensure that the following points are respected

The background should be neutral and of a solid color.

There are no shadows in the background.

The face is not hidden.

The face is not shaded.

The face is properly exposed to light.

The face occupies 80% of the frame.

La prise de vue est frontale.

Les yeux regardent l’objectif.

Now that you’ve understood everything and managed to take that photo, all you have to do is upload it to our system and follow the different steps to create your baby’s passport or ID photo.

Create your baby’s passport photo without further delay